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Bed Bug Eradication Through Thermal Heat Remediation Equipment



Bed Bug Treatment & Eradication Systems, Heat Remediation Equipment, Pest Control

PEST-HEAT offers complete bed bug heat remediation and eradication through our patented heat treatment system that is both safe and effective! Our thermal pest control equipment is designed for all types of dwellings.

The Pest-Heat treatment process delivers controlled, evenly distributed heat with high volumes of air movement while recording and monitoring temperatures.

The Pest-Heat system is a safe, environmentally friendly, highly-effective and proven alternative to chemical pest control applications. Our heat treatment systems can be found in a number of markets that include pest control providers, property managers, hotels, universities, camps, processing plants and the pallet industry.

About Our Equipment and the Technology

Pest-Heat was formed in 1997 as a result of the work with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), entomologists and the United States Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (CHPPM). After our extensive testing and data collection, the Pest-Heat system was designed specifically for the pest control industry.

Pest-Heat is a pioneer in the heat treatment of pests through the use of our patented process and equipment. Pest-Heat provides a safe and chemical free heat alternative to killing all life stages of insects from bed bugs in camps to pine wood nematodes embedded in wood pallets to stored product pests nested in flour mills.

This treatment is excellent for property managers, hotels, universities, camps, processing plants, the military, and the pallet industry and has been proven using the Pest-Heat system. 

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Highlander Termite and Pest Control has over 20 years of experience dealing with the troublesome pests that eat and dig their way through your building. We proudly offer effective and affordable residential and commercial pest control and have grown to be a leader in El Dorado County and the greater Sacramento Area.

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I had a pest problem and Highlander came put and did an inspection. Treated my house and I had amazing results. I liked that my wife and I could call the office and talk to knowledgeable people. Katy was great and compassionate and understanding of my concerns. The managers of the the technicians, checked on us and asked if there was anything else they could do and moving foward this is a great company great service. Would never go anywhere else.

— Nick

Terrific service and effective treatment. We were in the middle of construction on our mudroom when we found termites that had been there for probably over 10 years (yikes). Because we were on a timeline for construction they came out within 2 days and completed the work. Highly professional, clearly experts at what they do, very fair pricing. Highly recommend!


We have been dealing with a mud wasp problem for years! Every year we try what ever we can find to get rid of them, its been a constant battle. Well this year we were recommended Highlander and were told they had a repellent that would keep them away and eliminate the ones that might be there. A little skeptical if it would work, I called them up. The person showed up when they said he would and was very friendly and professional. He sprayed all the places I asked, that had been the hotspots for the wasps in the past, and answered any questions I had.

Still skeptical if it was going to work or not, I told my wife that we will see in a couple of days if it worked or not. Well guess what, its been a week, and I have only heard a wasp 1 time since then, and I think it was flying around to see if it could find a home, after buzzing around for a bit it flew away. I am so happy that it worked, and we will be getting the wasp spray every year from here on out.

— Chepe

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